Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Baby Tuesday

At 1am last night Baby C barfed and had a high fever and I thought I was in for it today.
But she was only moderately sick this morning, no barfing but lethargic enough to miss preschool (kinda annoying).

But after a dose of baby tylenol, she's back to her old self. I think she coulda' gone to school after all.

But we have birthday party photos at last, and so we now whisk ourselves back to last week..

Smocks and berets and lawn art! Woo!

I wish you could see what Baby K looked like in her *pink* polka dot birthday girl smock. So cute.

You can see some of the painting masterpieces in the background there.
Oh and slouchy me in the foreground.

He's so cute, I would even let him kiss me with that ice cream mouth.
That's love.

We had two camps of gifts and simultaneous opening.
It was like Christmas, kinda.
Except her gifts were better than what she gets from us on Christmas. ;)

I make this face alot. I guess it's genetic.
I don't drool my cake though. That's his unique talent.

Presents in the front yard, and Baby R controlled himself for the most part.

Grandma holding a sneezing Ransom, Auntie Sandi and Baby C herself in her SF Chinatown dress.

I love that he let me put that beret and smock on him.
And he kept it on a long time!

Pretty little ingenue.

Waiting waiting waiting for candles to be lit.

And yes there are more people that didn't make it in the shot. Probably about double what you see here.

Anticip-----ation. We sang it twice, because Baby K's friends "helped" her blow out her candles the first time around.

This is Baby R in his walker. He didn't care about when he couldn't walk. But now that he can, he likes to climb in, play with the toys and then ask ( maa! maa!) to be plucked out.
This was at the end of the party, when he needed a little time to himself. Time to process, ha.


Anonymous said...

Looks and sounds like she had a wonderful celebration! Your kids' eyes are the most beautiful brown eyes I've ever seen, Charlie! Darling pictures! Wish I could have been there!

Aunt D

sister celtic said...

Auntie Diane has it absolutley right on.. I said the same same things to myself those eyes are gorgeous... wow! Wish we were there great theme etc. being artists...

ro said...

Super cute party, smocks, berets, C & R and cakes and yard art. Awesome. The pic of C that you put like a French word under---SO CUTE. aND, the last pic of Ransom is super cute too. He's going to be trouble. You are in trouble.

KAI said...

they look soooo cute in their smocks and berets!!