Friday, September 05, 2008

aloha gywnnie

Since my mom doesn't have a blog, I'm blogging it for her.
She and Rich are in Kaua'i right now, woo!
A GIGANTIC thanks to Kevin's uncle who helped me out big time hooking them up with a place to stay.She just sent me a text message that said he sent flowers to their place. What a pumpkin he is!

This is her little "prize envelope" I crafted and gave it to her right before I left her with the babies while I was in Haiti.

Front cover.

Page 2/3.

Page 3/4.

They are planning on getting baptized while they are there in the Pacific Ocean.
How cool is that?
Again, big thanks to Kauai Christian Fellowship's pastor who was more than happy to facilitate it.

Aloha Mom!



sister celtic said...

What an ultimate gift and such love and thoughtfullness on the Thayers family Very cool to get Baptised in the ocean Matthew was in Santa Monica Pacific ocean.. It is so neat. Our friends are in Maloki right now...Can't wait for posted pics..

Anonymous said...


You are a such a wonderful, kind and caring daughter to do this for Gwynn and Rich. I know they will treasure this time together..

What a nice thing for Kevin's uncle to do, too!