Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Baby Tuesday

Hello. I'm here eating my cereal getting ready to pick up Baby R from Grandma's and Baby C from preschool (!).

Baby C's bedroom apple tree, Phase 2.
It now has some leaves on it. There is still one more panel of leaves that needs to go on and the ones in the middle need to be secured. But I needed immediate results, so I stuck those on there for now.
Seuss-y, no?

Baby R is such a wild puppy baby that I've given him the new nickname of "BamBam." Whoever thought of that character on the Flintstones must have had a son like mine.

He was smiling even more before we got the camera. Momo loves love.
Franklin's just there for warmth.

Yes, here she is! Her first day of [pre]school!
I took her this morning and she never hesistated.
I made her a backpack last night out of: 1 pillowcase, 1 placemat, 1 plush teddy bear, and some velcro.
Voila! Backpack!

The teacher opened her classroom door and warned the parents not to stay too long because it would make the separation more difficult.
No problem with the bug, she scampered right in, way ahead of me and started looking around. I barely got her nametag on and her backpack in her cubby before she was over at the puzzle table.
I asked one of her teachers, " is that it? Is she good to go? because I'll just sneak out."
And she said "oh, tell her you'll be back."
Yeah, I don't think she cared that I said goodbye and she didn't really care that I told her I'd be back. She was in the zone.
Her only instruction from me "don't poop at school." ha.

p.s. I also forgot this video of our "mountain vacation"

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