Monday, September 15, 2008

cute! especially when placed on your welcome mat.

So this year's Beautiful Day festivites include an eco-friendly component.

Joanne, bless her, asked me to help with the marketing.

Because who else am I but a tree-hugging Christian who loves marketing?

Even though I volunteered to do a cloth diaper workshop, our green community effort is instead a neighborhood clean up complete with recycling, etc. And giving away garden hose rubber rings, that are supposed to save water.

So how to market this to the neighborhood around WestGate?

Tiny recycling bins!

These are my favorites, the wheelie carts.

But I'll settle for these.

Plus, they're imprintable. So we can put our little logo on it.

And of course the rubber rings and clean-up info inside.

I hope we have enough budget for them. I'm worried, we don't, but I'm waiting to hear back about it.


Devon said...

SOOOO cute! i want a mini wheelie cart!

sarah said...

i plan to go cloth (diapers). if you really do a workshop, I am there. any tips or suggestions?

I definitely want a mini wheelie cart. yes yes!!