Sunday, September 21, 2008

Heidi tagged me

Heidi, I couldn't very well say I couldn't do the meme because my kitchen is too messy, but oh man, here it is, at your request:

My sink.

Oh yeah, enough dishes for you? Yeah...yeah. Remember what I said about the dishwasher?
Note my cucumber Method soap. I love Method products so very much.

My messy corner.

You think I have enough bananas?!
Actually those little green ones are mini-plaintains. But for some reason they have stickers that say "manzanitas" which I thought meant "little apples" in Spanish. So, um, that doesn't make any sense.

My fridge.

(can you tell I had to use my laptop to take these shots?)
I really try not to keep anything on the front of my fridge.
It's more zen that way.
But I tried to motivate myself to action by putting a handful of "action items" on it last month.
Of course I can't motivate myself, or anyone else, so they're still there.
But now that I have them documented, and I'm annoyed by them, they'll be gone tmrw probably.
Hey! Public shame motivates me!

My wall chalkboard is more the way other people use the front of their fridge for reminders and lists etc.

It's gotten away from me.

Inside of my fridge.

"Hi, My name is Charlie. And I am a Dairy-aholic"
"Hi Charlie"
"The terrible thing is that I have passed it onto my children. All they want is milk, chocolate milk, pink milk, sliced cheddar, string cheese, yogurt yogurt yogurt!..."

If you can't see I have 3 gallons of milk in there, three bags of string cheese and two blocks (baby loaves) of Tillamook, and there's also a crisper-drawer full of yogurt not pictured. It's like I'm trying to give myself a kidney stone.
A friend picked up a Jamba Juice for me last week and they said they got me a calcium boost because the lady behind the counter suggested it, because "girls don't get enough calcium."
And I said "well she's never met this girl."

Also pictured, free range peaches, tiny takeout containers from Boston Market and Rubio's, a big tupperware of rice pudding, and a bag of fresh dill.

You ask "why dill?" and I reply "why not?"

And I'm tagging Aurora to do it now.


Devon said...

hmmm, i didn't know peaches could be 'free range' ;o)

Charlie said...

These have never known containment. Straight from our tree, and now they just get shuffled around our fridge.
They even have fur (fuzz).

sarah said...

i am so glad you didn't tag me. that's all i'm saying.