Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Baby Tuesday

Hey! Photo Booth program! Here we are.

I managed to get these photos off the camera. I took these before it spit in my eye.

Camera sputtering.

Here are the girls' cakes.
Baby C insisted on a green turtle, and I offered up a pink turtle for Baby K.
Yeah, those took a really really long time.

(the rest is another camera-phone edition)

Yes. There was a party.
It was huge and it was messy and we had a tons of kids in our house and outside our house. Many parents had cameras. But not us.
Our camera is broken.
So is our dishwasher.
These are indeed hard times for the suburban mom, it must be a recession.
Because neither is getting fixed anytime soon.

And no one has sent me any photos.
So this is the only photo I got.
(tragic, right?)
These are Baby C and Baby K's smocks and berets. All the other kids had brown smocks (and the same berets).
It was really fun, and slightly stressful, especially because Kevin left 30 minutes into it.
Thankfully Grandma and Aunt Sandi rescued me and helped keep the peace.

GiGi sent Baby C a snail (and other things as well) for her birthday.
She absolutely loves the snail.
He hangs out in her backpack at school and also sleeps in her bed at night.
What's funny is that Grandma and Daddy have taught her to kill snails, stomp them, and throw them into the street (because they ransack our strawberry patch and eat our lettuce). But she doesn't associate the victims in the garden with the snail in the Franklin books and the new snail from GiGi.

I think this is a cupcake. I can't remember.
But look how old she looks here.
And look at all those toys everywhere.
This was post-party, this scene here.

He just won't stay still.
Auntie RoRo sent Baby R a Cowboys jersey and he loves it.
Really, he does. I think because it's silky and shiny.
But maybe he knows it's sporty? Dunno.


SaraMarie said...

Those cakes are fab.

ro said...

Those tiny colorful smocks just must have been so cute on the girls. I can't wait until you get more pics. I am sad I missed the crazy stressful festivities.

I'm sorry but Ransom is just too freaking cute in that jersey. It really works on him. I'm thinking he could in fact, be the future quarterback of the Stanford Cardinal.

ro said...

oh and the snail love makes me giggle.

Charlie said...

Oh we can hope. He practices all his moves on us and the dogs. And everyone start saving their pennies now for Stanford. aye aye aye.

Devon said...

what a crazy fun exhausting weekend you guys had! hope you get more pics - high cuteness potential. oh, i thought of you and esp. baby c when i saw this: http://www.ohdeedoh.com/ohdeedoh/how-to/how-to-homemade-puffy-paint-063198

Leigh said...

It's Gary the Snail!
I love Gary and his cute little meow voice!