Thursday, September 11, 2008

let's get ready to walk around Guadalupe Park!

AIDS Walk time again!
This year our entire church is canceling Sunday services so we can all walk in the AIDS Walk, pretty cool, eh?
And since I'm on the "board" I'm happy that they're doing it for us. Because it's like pulling teeth to get anybody to get up and do anything. Let alone raise money.

Speaking of raising money, here's my donation page.

I aim low for my goal, because I don't like hassling people.

But you can be sure that the money you donate goes directly to the care of those that are struggling to live with the disease.
If you want a face on it I can tell you that when I helped the Living Center put on their BBQ this summer for their clients, there was a [everyday normal looking] woman there with her 10 year old daughter.
And even if her daughter wasn't infected, I can't imagine being a single parent with HIV, or having a mother that was infected. I was really glad to meet them (so so so nice, way nicer than me, and I'm supposed to be the caring one in that situation) and help them get the support they need to try to live normal lives.
So even if it's 5 bucks, that buys a meal for someone at the Food Basket, or something like that. Every dollar helps.

And apparently I'm/we're gonna meet with this guy next month. Hopefully he'll be able to give us some ideas on what to do with ourselves this next year. I hope he doesn't directly ask me what I do on the team, ha.

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