Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Baby Tuesday

Yeah, this is really late. My excuses are lame. I'll save 'em.

Kevin took this photo of her. The digital blanket wasn't ever intended to be part of her bedroom decor, but she likes it in there, so there it stays for now.
I wish I kept the email address of the chick that gave me that bed off of craigslist.
She was about my age and she said that her grandfather made that bed for her.
I think she would be happy to know that another little girl sleeps in it now.

You can't really tell from this photo, but Baby R is eating his corn dog with a fork.
If that boy can use a tool, he will indeed use it.
Those are their little Chili's take-out boxes. Corn dogs and apples to go!

Below is a video of one of Kevin's garden carrots, but this one was from this afternoon.
Baby C (or should I say Kid C?) gets SO excited when it's time to harvest stuff from the garden.
I can't blame her, it is pretty exciting.

Hmm what else...
Kid C has told me that she wants to go back to ballet class instead of preschool. And at first I was entertaining the idea, because it's much cheaper to just take ballet, but then I quickly realized that was a bad idea. So I convinced her that you don't get any snacks in dance class and there won't be any cutting and gluing paper. She has since changed her mind.

Baby R is really aggressive lately. I'd like to think it's because all 4 of his "I" teeth are coming in at the same time, but that doesn't really make sense at all, does it?
If only they had toddler wrestling or full contact football. He needs it. He was hitting like crazy all day and then he bit his best friend this afternoon (really hard! poor little guy).

We went to the beach on Saturday and for 6 dollars in state beach fees, I got to see a earth worship ceremony *and* a (freshly) dead seagull.
The kids were completely unphased by both.
The group of old bikers, a mexican family and I gawked at the ceremony while Baby R dumped as much sand as possible on his sister.
We went and had dinner at Taqueria Vallarta downtown. If it wasn't for the no-waiter system at that place, I would probably never eat there. It's not very good, but people just like me keep going there despite that.
Baby R dumped an entire cup of horchata onto the floor about 90 seconds after he got it in his dangerous little hands. And then he threw about 3/4 of his quesadilla onto the floor after that. Not all at once, but throw after throw, it adds up.
Okay, time to leave!


sister celtic said...

Too bad we didn't live closer cuz I'd trade Zuccinni place for Carrott Way... Wish the little gardners would come help us... I thought you pulling up the carrott with a huge audiance of anticipation was like watching the movie The Gods Must Be Crazy..

Devon said...

love all the colors in kid c's room. and i think it's hilarious that you considered ballet school over preschool :o) coloring and cutting paper always wins over. do they still finger paint? gosh, such memories...

Charlie said...

She has yet to bring hom finger paint per se, but there is probably one craft brought home a day. Very fruitful.

ro said...

I'm so jealous of downtown santa cruz and the beach. I love the pic of kid C in her bed because,well sleeping babies / kids are just so innocent. So adorable.
And, corn dogs? Yeah, my kid S has been eating them this week and loves them.